5 Panel Discussion Trust but Verify
03.28.2019 |  50 mins |  ILP Video

The panel discussion is entitled Trust But Verify. And basically, what we're saying is that it's a continuous battle to combat falsity. And new digital media platforms based on the blockchain can run applications exactly as programmed without interference. But we don't know enough about the phenomenon of falsity and why it spread so readily on digital media. We may be closer to understanding what interventions might be.

The panel will discuss possible interventions to mitigate and hopefully prevent the spread of falsity, including how new digital media platforms will algorithmically redefine confirmation, validation, and value. How could blockchain and tokenization of social media provide a solution to these problems? What can we learn from early blockchain use cases like Steemit, Basic Attention Token, and token curated registers?

Panel Discussion with Sinan Aral