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Jacob Zolotovsky

Selected Motion ​Techniques and Multimedia Project Samples


 People are working remotely, networking remotely, and now more than ever people are also learning remotely. This has created an urgent need for educators to create educational videos that can demonstrate and communicate lessons effectively. 

1.1 Tutorials and Instructional videos

We create video tutorials that give a short, step-by-step lesson on how to perform an activity. These tutorials are interactive and are easy follow along for a hands-on learning experience. We also create instructional videos to feature a professional explaining a topic.  We create tutorials and instructional videos that are informative, easy to understand, and not flashy attempts to sell products or services.

1.2 Explainer videos

We create explainer videos for home pages, social networks, or in a product listing to explain how a product or service works. We can tailor explainer videos for marketing purposes or an educational setting.

1.3 Presentation videos

We create presentation videos that combine text, video and images to present an idea or relay a message to students or colleagues. Presentation videos are composed of slides that when played in succession explain a topic or idea in great detail.


We create Motion Graphics to communicate with viewers and create a visual story. We communicate a message by combining music and effective copy together to create ads, title sequence, explaining a concept, and share a product video that helps to communicate our client's message.

2.1 multimedia production

We use Multimedia as a form of communication to combine various forms of content such as text, audio, images, animation, or video into a single presentation.
We develop innovative tools and methodologies for scalable visual storytelling through storyboarding, illustration, recording, animation, editing, and special effects.

2.2 animation

We integrate visual strategies to create brand awareness and evoke customer interest and engagement.  We use animation and motion graphics to bring imagination and creativity into your marketing campaigns. Our animations use motion and vibrant colors that help deliver the brand message in fewer words.

2.3 Architectural animations 

We create 3D architectural animations that bring an added dimension to property marketing. Unlike still images, 3D architectural walkthroughs create a journey around and throughout a building in the form of a video story. We create video marketing to influence the strategies of property developers, interior designers, architects, and real estate agents. Check architectural visualization portfolio>>


If you would like to discuss an upcoming project or simply find out more about new trends in motion graphics or multimedia production, please contact us at We are happy to review your project and explain the production process. We'll go over the budget and options, and together we'll develop the perfect plan for creating the best visual story for your design, marketing, and presentation strategy.

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