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Jacob Zolotovsky

Selected 3D Visualization ​Techniques and Project Samples.

Architectural 3d visualization Demo Reel


Photorealistic 3D rendering that transforms architectural sketches and 3D geometry into visual-atmospheric storytelling that creates a definition of place.
It simultaneously engages and explains the project to clients, the public, and developers. Helps them make the right decisions from a human point of view.

1.1 Exterior

1.2 interior


Artistic architectural illustration, a unique technique that combines 3D geometry, digital drawing, and post-processing. This technique is useful to create conceptual designs early on in a project when general design principles are presented.


3D architectural animations that bring an added dimension to property marketing. Unlike still images, 3D architectural walkthroughs create a journey around and throughout a building in the form of a video story. This type of video marketing is created to influence the strategies of property developers, interior designers, architects, and real estate agents.


360° panoramic tours are virtual reality enabled, fully immersive, and interactive displays that allow clients and prospective buyers to walk through simulations of buildings and spaces that are yet to be completed.
The experience can even be enhanced and made more realistic with animation.


If you would like to discuss an upcoming project or simply find out more about new trends in visualization, please contact us at We are happy to review your project and explain the production process. We'll go over the budget and options, and together we'll develop the perfect plan for creating the best visualizations for your design, marketing, and presentation strategy.

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