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Jacob Zolotovsky

Selected Interior and Architectural Design Projects.


Lobby and Brand Design for the new MIT ILP office [ Industrial Liaison Program ] 
Dimella Shaffer Associates
Design, modeling, and digital fabrication.

"22 X 15 X 22 Bits" 2013


 Lobby hall, Ha-Yovel Tower,
at German Colony, Tel Aviv, Israel
Alisa Sheinson Studio
Design, modeling, and digital fabrication

"The Curved Surface"


Renovating the lobby, we noticed the middle floor isn't being used for anything other than a passageway between the lobby and the upper floor. That enabled us to raise the height of the lobby's ceiling and create a flow that honors the building's stature and purpose. ​
Design, modeling, and digital fabrication 

Lobby at Amot Law House 


Architecture and Interior Design,
Private house
P&L Architects
Architectural Design

private house

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